Us. We took this photo when we started building our house.

It’s finished now and we’re living in our home day by day.

We enjoy our life to the fullest and we love it. I won’t change it no matter what! We’ve been fighting the battles of life persistently and we’ve won.

Nothing can get us down. Because what we have now is too beautiful to give away.

Me and my wife

I grew up in the Netherlands where I’ve lived and worked until I was 58.

My wife and I happened to know each other 28 years ago of which we’re married 27 years.

As you all figured out now my wife is a beautiful Thai woman. We work every day a little just to keep ourselves busy because we don’t want to get lazy.

There’s still a lot of work to do in and around the house. But like I said, we take it easy and we do one thing at a time.


Me and my lovely wife

Basically we don’t have to do anything and according to the Thai laws I’m not allowed to do work that a Thai can do. So I’m just “working from home” on my site, www.listentybody.com.  

There’s much more to find on the site. Just go take a look there, it has to draw your attention because it’s concerning you and your loved ones.

And then don’t hesitate to contact us if you have qustions. We are open for everything.

My book: “Listen to your body“, is meant to be for everybody on this beautiful planet called Earth. Old, young, male, female, no restrictions.

You’ll know what I mean after you’ve read my book. It’s the first in a row and I’m going to write more. And of course I’m going to write about this issue.

Hope you all get healthy.