Shoulder flexibility solution

Shoulder flexibility solution

Shoulders. What’s the answer for my TIGHT shoulders?”

Once You Release Your Tight Shoulders, You’ll Flow 
Through Life More Effortlessly And You’ll Wonder Why Your Workouts Used To Seem So Hard.


Daily activities like putting things away on the top shelf of the cupboard can go from a task you should be able to easily do but instead, you’re forced to grab a step stool so you don’t have to reach up and experience the associated pain …

And if you do any sports like golf or tennis or martial arts, you might find yourself getting slower and less powerful and you might even be chalking it up to “old age”.
But once you release your shoulders, you’ll find that movements that used to be hard and cause you to grimace take half the effort they used to and life and training becomes a whole lot easier.

Shoulders. Introducing The 6-Step
Shoulder Flexibility System

This system is based on science and, when followed, you’re sure to feel looser than you have in years.

If you continue to train and do exercises like Pushups, Chinups, Bench Press or even Back Squats and you don’t release your tight shoulders, you’re causing excess stress on certain muscles and damaging other tissues like ligaments or the joint capsule.

Having rounded shoulders, forward head, or being unable to touch your hands behind your back will hurt you, sooner rather than later.

You might ignore the pain and push through it for a while but your body will eventually break down and then all of the gains you got from training will be lost.

There’s nothing worse from a fitness and mental health standpoint than being unable to do the things you love, so make sure you address your issues before they come back to haunt you.

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