Regular guy

Regular guy.

 I’m just a regular guy like you, nothing more nothing less. When I was little I had a dream. Who remembers “The Beatles”? Those of you who do remember will know what I mean.

I was about 9 years old and I saw “The Beatles” perform on TV. I was amazed of the audience yelling and screaming. Especially the girls you know? They were crying, and definitely wanting to tear off the clothes of the boys John, Paul, Ringo and George.

I loved that and I said to myself ” I want that too”. I wanted to make music and have a band like The Beatles. I loved the idea that I had to run away from the girls as fast as I could or else they would tear off my clothes.


So I bought my first guitar. Actually I got half of it payed by my parents and half of it I payed myself of my savings that I had because I had a newspaper round every morning.
That was a tough job for me, a 9 year old kid. In summer it was okay. But in winter at 5 ‘o clock in the morning. That is freezing cold!

Any way, I was proud of my beautiful red guitar, a semi acoustic, electric Egmond. By those days it’d cost me 92 guilders in The Netherlands. I’m talking about the sixties. I wonder what they cost now 2014. I was in love with my guitar and it’s beautiful sound. Now I had to learn to play the thing.

Lucky me, I had a friend who could teach me cord fingering. And after a year, I was 10, I had my first band called ” Trouble Question”. We had a repertoire of 12 songs and we played them at house parties.