Positive thinking

Positive thinking

Positive: if you really want something that is out of reach, nearly impossible to achieve. Something you’re about to give up longing, that’s the moment when you should say to yourself: “I want that and I’m going to get that, one way or an other.” This is the moment that you create a thought which in time you will change into that touchable thing.

Positive thinkingYou’ll push yourself into the proper direction, whether it be right or left, your thought will lead you to the exact track. And from that track you won’t deviate. Just keep your mind focused on that thought and follow the lead. And not less important, be patient! They say, patience is a virtue. And that’s right.

This is part of positive thinking. Part, because you’re not there yet. If you are a cheerlessly person then it will be very difficult to achieve things that you want, because your will is not strong enough. And you need a strong will to get there where you want to be. Or to get what you want to have. If you don’t have a strong will, somebody else will get there before you. And perhaps that makes you even more cheerless. This has got nothing to do with competition  Don’t get me wrong. It’s all about positive thinking.

Now to get that strong will you must except and feel  happy with what you have at this moment, the here and now. I say feel happy for it is the feeling that makes the difference. Not only the thought.  Never look at others in envy. Never think they’re happier than you. ‘ Cause you don’t know about their situation. They may be envying you. Just stay true to yourself.

Positive thinking starts with a proper way of breathing. I hear you say, “What?” Yes indeed breathing. And relaxing all the cells in your body. When you learn to breath slow and deep in your belly your heart will go in relax mode automatically. You won’t even notice that. But if you listen to your body you’ll recognize the feeling.

More of this is described in my book” Listen to your body”