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People. In the fifties/sixties the man went working and the woman stayed at home. They got around from one monthly income. Since then everything changed in an abnormal speed until today where men and women work and yet don’t have enough to pay for everything they “need”. 

Joseph Semba

Today’s life demands velocity from both man and woman to get their job done within a time frame conforming business policy.

Time is money.. right?

Everything changed! There were no snackbars in those days, no coffee shops, no MALLS!There was a butcher, a grocery, a drugstore and that was about it.People cooked their own food (organic). They had time to cook.

Nowadays there is no time for cooking and people even unlearned to make their own food (recipes).

They don’t even know how to make scrambled eggs. No..!

They have a microwave oven. It is so convenient. You buy your food ready to eat in the? Mall.. right.


Put it in the microwave 2 minutes and eat. But do they know what they eat? They can go to mc Donalds right? But do they know what they eat? Or KFC, or the snackbar around the corner. The restaurant yes!..

People of today don’t know what they’re eating!

All the food nowadays is under control of mighty companies like Monsanto, Nestle, Unilever and more. These companies are responsible for the premature death of millions of people around the world. Why? Because they make the food,your food, look more beautiful, bigger, more tasty. And have a longer expiration date. Sound familiar?

How do they do that? They put all kinds of chemical stuff into your food that is very bad for your health. Just read the ingredients on the labels. 

Food has no more vitamins. They say they put minerals in it. But can you believe it?

People of sixty years ago had strong resistance and powerful immune systems against all kinds of diseases because their food was right. Their children became less strong and their children’s children more and more weak. Because of the wrong food they consume. 

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