Total money magnetism

Money magnetism. How to attract money is about changing your way of thinking from a poor state of mind to a rich and abundant one.

Can hypnosis really change the way you think?

And can it be used to help you manifest more money?

Even though you may not realize it, you have powerful inner beliefs about your ability to become rich and successful, which are affecting your ability to manifest wealth right now.  

Your beliefs are like ‘roots’ in your subconscious mind, which have been shaped by what you’ve experienced in life since you were just a small child.

Total money magnetism

Money magnetism

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Rich people (especially self-made millionaires) have incredible neural strength and connectivity in the areas of their brain that make them wealthy and successful…

They literally have a ‘rich brain’…

They have all the mental programming necessary to draw in vast wealth and success, to the point that their brain will see to it that they end up successful no matter what.

Most people, scientists included, used to think that after a certain age, your brain ‘sets’ like concrete… and that all your mental programming and neural pathways are set in stone.

3 Steps To Activating Your ‘Wealth Brain’ By Dr. Steve G. Jones, creator of 

Total Money Magnetism 

As a hypnotherapist and self-made millionaire, I see clients every day who are struggling with one (or more) of 4 things… which make it almost impossible to get the wealth and the life you want.

#1: Fear of failure

#2: Fear of success

#3: You’re suffering from the toxic cash-repelling ‘Scarcity Virus’…

#4: You’ve been following the wrong footsteps all along

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