Mi40x Increases Lean Body Mass, Muscle Hypertrophy, Power and Strength.

According to Trained Athletes Jacob M. Wilson, Ryan P. Lowery, Jordan M. Joy, Jeremy Silva, Jacob Rauch, Steven I. Weiner, John Georges

Department of Health Sciences and Human Peformance, The University of Tampa, Tampa FL 33606


Mi40x Introduction

Many professional athletes put out programs that they feel are optimal for their clients goals.

However no research has directly looked at the effects of program involving a resistance training and nutrition intervention.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of
MI40-Xtreme (MI40X) on skeletal muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass, strength and power in resistance trained athletes.

Materials & Methods

We recruited 20 middle-aged, resistance trained males (age 28.3 ± 1.9 years, mass 86.08 ± 5.6 kg and height 177.8 ± 12.3 cm) for this

And then we divided these subjects  equally  into two groups, either performing their own traditional workouts or following the MI40X program.

After the division subjects trained 3 days per week for 40 days as a part of a daily undulating periodized resistance training program.

It was a matched training volume was. Ultrasonography determined muscle thickness, dual emission x-ray absorptiometry.

Bench press and leg press strength were recorded during days 0 and 40.


We used An ANOVA model to measure group, time, and group by time interactions.

While main effects were observed, a Tukey post-hoc was employed to locate where differences occurred.

At the same time significant condition by time effects were observed in which lean body mass, muscle mass, strength and power all increased and fat mass decreased.


The MI40X program decreases fat-mass and increases lean body mass, skeletal, power and strength compared to traditional, volume matched training protocols.

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