Inifinite Profit System

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Infinite profit system

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Infinite profit system

Many of you have had to close your businesses. Others are facing layoffs. While others are being forced to stay home to take care of children who can’t go to school due to closures.

Infinite profit system

“The markets are not normal, either. The stock market lost 20 percent of its value in just 21 days—the fastest and sharpest bear market on record, faster than 1929, faster than 1987, 10 times faster than 2007. The financial system has required no less than seven emergency interventions by the Federal Reserve in the past week.

The country’s central bank has wrenched interest rates to zero, started buying more than half a trillion dollars of financial assets, and opened up special facilities to inject liquidity into the financial system. Yet in the real economy, everything has halted, frozen in place. This is not a recession. It is an ice age.”

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