Health. I have something of which I believe is very special, very relevant and very important for everybody on this planet Earth. And I mean everybody! Young and old, male and female.

Listen to your body
I love my life

Now..if there’s 1 thing in our life that’s the most important thing. What is it? There’s nothing more important than that! It is our health right? Right!

If you’re not healthy, you can’t go to work. You can’t do anything as usual! If you’re not healthy, you can’t love.

You know, health is always actual, it never expires. You must keep your health up to date day by day if you want to live well.

As I said earlier..for young and old. You can’t start young enough, and even at old age you can reverse your bad health into a balanced state. You don’t need to say that you put your life in God’s Hands. No! He wants you to take good care of your body. Take that from me!

For everybody, young and old

If you love your body and you nourish it well, He will help you to find better profitable ways to withstand the outside bad world. And the world out there is really bad.

If you’re talking in terms of health, then you’re talking about 1/3 of the American people alone, who are obese and are stuck to some kind of disease. Taking medication every day.

Then we’re talking about nearly 1/3 of the world population who’s obese or overweight. That’s really a huge problem.
For many of them it’s nearly impossible to return to a “normal” situation in society.

Did you know that 95% of the world population has health problems? Did you know that many of them die before they turn 40 or even younger? That’s really sad and definitely not necessary!

And the solution is so simple and yet so hard to do. e.g. it’s so difficult to resist sugar keep sugar away from your diet. Thousands & thousands of sweeties sneak into the homes of people in the form of cookies, cakes, pies, carbonated drinks etc. etc.

I need to tell you this: these goods are no good. They are lethal for your body in the long run.

This is just 1 aspect in a mans life. There are many more but this time I just wanted to talk about sugar.

I know many of you will say that I’m talking nonsense. But take a look at 1/3 of the human race who wants to get out of their situation but don’t know how. Think about that, how many people is that? About 2 billion people. And some of them don’t even know how they got into this.

You can consider yourself lucky if you never get sick. But take it from me that if you don’t take care of your body in a proper way, you will get some disease one day or another.

A disease like
⦁ Diabetes
⦁ Pancreatitis
⦁ Kidney problems
⦁ Colon problems
⦁ Heart failure

Sounds familiar? That’s what you can get from too much sugar!

Listen to me! Stop eating sweet things and stop drinking sweet drinks and in time you will feel much much better. And when you cook dinner or so..never add sugar! It’s so much better for you.

You don’t need sugar. Carbohydrates will break down into sugar in your body, which is essential to create energy to survive. But it’s not necessary to add sugar to your food.
What you can consume are foods that contain carbohydrates.. like

⦁ yoghurt, ice-cream
⦁ Fruit
⦁ Bread, rice
⦁ Legumes, like beans
⦁ Starchy vegetables, like potatoes

Next time I will give more information about food, good food.
For now I’ll leave you with this to think about and I’ll see you next time
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