Fat burning foods

Fat burning foods.

The truth about fat burning foods is that they are not what they are promising to be.

Fat burning foodsThe fat burning foods that you buy in the malls are packed with labels that say how healthy they are or how many (or few) calories  they contain and how good they are for your body.

They’re not good for your body! Don’t believe and don’t trust the labels, because they’re only lying! The food industry let’s us buy fake products with harmful, addictive properties.

The more you eat them the more you get addicted to them, (read: buy them) and that is exactly what the food industry wants you to do. Buy their fake “good” foods!

You won’t attain a good health when you eat what the big industries provide you. You’ll only get ill and you’ll live a shorter and lower quality of life. But the large companies don’t care a bit about your health. All they want is your money!

The big pharmaceutical industries don’t care about your well being or your health. They prescribe you every day, time and time again  new products loaded with lethal chemicals that are “so good for the body”.

And everybody falls in their trap, believes their crap and keeps buying their poisoned prefab foods and those industries are laughing in their hands saying: How stupid and ignorant can people be. Let’s give them  some more crap to eat. They’ll buy anything from us.

Fat burning foods

They say: “Let’s give them some more chlorophyll and sodium, Iodine  and gluten and much more.”

Do you know, people, how many procent of a bag of chips is really potato?

I can tell…

Only 15 % is potato and the rest is chemical waste!

What kind of impact does that have on your internal organs?

And thereby the drinks you consume like Coca cola, Fanta, sprite and other drinks? What do you think on a yearly base what kind of influence that these things have on your health?

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