Six Degree Flow

Six Degree Flow

Degree flow

All you need to flow is to exhale, down-shift and recover. A natural by product of that will be the delight of a new wardrobe as your body changes to reflect how awesome you feel.

Degree flow

I look like a 25 year old athlete at 45, this year, thanks to flow; but better than this, I have better and stable energy all day long, more so than most people in their 20s.

I sleep great every night, no longer deal with the nagging issues I once suffered, and regularly surprise people when they learn that I’m “middle aged.” HA!

Scott Sonnon was forced into a life of seeking alternative exercise options due to early childhood joint disease and motor challenges.

Institutionalized for his learning difficulties in a psychiatric hospital, teachers and doctors advised that he set low-bar realistic expectations on his potential.

Through tremendous persistence he rose to become an adjunct professor of physical education at Penn State University, a US National Team Coach and a 5 time world martial arts champion.

His breakthrough programs help people transform their bodies from painful low performance to painless peak performance using his flow routines.

Degree flow

How can flow be so effective at burning off calories?

This is due to the fact that flow permits your joints, especially when they’re inflamed and achey, to move painlessly around each other – eliminating “wear and tear.”

Since your sense organs for balance, precision, accuracy and power are in your joints, you gain the ability to have superior fat-burning, muscle-building results without pain and injury!

Remember these aren’t individual anecdotes.

Flow will burn off the fat without pain and injuries, while downshifting and focusing on smooth quality of movement.

The most important aspect of flow is how it regulates the sympathetic nervous system to normalize levels of cortisol.

Fat disappears and stays gone!

Degree flow

Flow can be performed anywhere, anytime to evaporate the stress, balance your cortisol levels, and remove the craving. Now that would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

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