Quality bats academy

Bats academy. The School For Mental Hitting Toughness & Approach.


Mental Hitting discussions, stories and tips to take your mental game to the next level.

Listen To The EXACT topics that Spring talks about with major league all-stars about the mental side of hitting.

Each track will be on a different mental hitting topic each month!

Bats academy

Bats academy

30+ Videos On The Most Common Hitting Mistakes & How To Fix Them.

Are you great in practice but struggle once the game starts? Tired of making the same mechanical & approach hitting mistakes?


Finally, The Exact Steps To Doubling Your Bat-Speed & Power While Increasing Your Contact Consistency & Fixing Your Swing Viruses!

15 guides that will equip you with what you need to become a well-rounded hitter.

Develop Hitting Intelligence! Cultivate Hitting Knowledge, Eye Coordination & Confidence – While Steadily Becoming The Smartest Hitter On Your Team!

Think how a pro thinks. Learn what it’s like playing pro ball! Find out how players like David Nick, Kevin Pillar & many other professional ballplayers are making it to the next level by listening to their stories and advice.

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