Alternative diabetes

Alternative diabetes. If you go to a doctor for diabetes, he will prescribe an insulin medication for you. And you’ll have to follow his prescription, his order. If you don’t do what he tells you to do then he can’t be in control of your disease. He can’t “help”you.

And doing so you will live your life using e.g. metformin amongst other meds year after year, because there is “no cure” for diabetes, so your doctor informs you. In extreme cases you will have to get insulin injections mornings and evenings.
And all these things cost money. Money that they get from you or your insurance company. Money that is not necessary for your or any disease.

Flat belly
Food as medicine for a healthy body

Alternative diabetes…

there’s a way out…

-Bitter gourd

Use all these in your daily meals and your pancreas will start working normal within 1 month.
Further more stop consuming all and everything of the sweet sugary things and beverages, like candies, cookies, chocolates. Quit eating everything that is sweet. Even so stop drinking things like coca cola, fanta, 7up and all these poison drinks. Because all these things are the cause of your diabetes. And doing so you will see that you’ll lose weight automatically, you can take that from me.

Take control over your own health.  “Help” your self. And you will feel much more energetic within no time.

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