Listen to your body

How to learn to know yourself

Even in these days of the pandemic and all of the Corona viruses that occur you must have knowledge of your body

How to learn to know yourself. Why is it that everybody including you gets sick, ill, unwell or even worse in life? Here’s the answer.


Or more specific ..

the wrong food

and right to one of the points.. junk food, food that is not nutritious and causes dietary health problems.

Most fast foods, processed foods, are junk foods. Fast foods are ready-to-eat foods served promptly after ordering. Some fast foods are high in calories and low in nutritional value, while other fast foods, such as salads, may be low in calories and high in nutritional value. And even then you must watch very closely what you consume because not every salad is good for your health.

Foods e.g. you can order at Mc Donalds, KFC, and other companies are processed foods and as a matter of fact no good foods at all.

Learn to take a look at what you eat

The point is.. it’s all about what you eat. Eating low-fat foods that have strong vitamin, mineral and fiber content are recommended mostly and will help you control your weight as they encourage a healthy cardiovascular system.

  • Life in Balance

How to learn to..


I’m Joseph Semba and I’ve written a book called ” Listen To Your Body

Listen to your body is a positive way of living with the focus on your personal health care. Meaning that you take care of your own health and dare to take responsibilities. You’re in control of your life and when you do listen good you know exactly what to do in times of trouble. When you take good care of your body you know that you don’t need medicines and you will decide to take measurements yourself because you know what ‘s going on in your body.

That’s what this book is about. It’s about taking the rudder in your own hands and go your own way without anybody telling you what to do. You decide which way to go and what to use for the healing process of any disease you encounter on your way. Because it’s the modern way of living which causes everything to go wrong without you knowing it.

Because you ought to know which way to follow or what your body needs to heal. Doctors don’t know what ‘s going on in your body. They have years of experience in prescribing medicines. And those medicines are the cause of many issues, they don’t cure, they make situations worse and in most of the cases they are lethal for the patients. Patients who don’t know which way to wander.

Learn to listen to your body

And you’ll get the knowledge of self healing from whatever disease that you can get.

You’ll have the power of controlling your own life and you make decisions yourself whether you should go left or right.

Listen to your body
The love of my life

Food, the best cure.

Let me tell you something about myself first. My name is Joseph Semba and I’m the author of “Listen to your body”. I’ve lived in the Netherlands and I want to tell you about how I “escaped”  hospitalization.

Years ago, I think it was back in ‘98, I had severe pain in both my knees. I consulted the doctor to let him check what was wrong. At the same time I had a stomach ulcer and some more problems.

The doctor said that he would send me to the hospital for surgery and let the surgeon decide what to do. Possibly I had to stay in the hospital for operation. Well I said, ah ah, that’s not what’s going to happen. I won’t let any stranger put a knife into my body.  My sacred body that I was given by birth. Nobody would take away or add something stupid to my body.


No way!

You know, like I was a car that was broke and parts should be replaced. Like hell they won’t. The doctor said that if I wouldn’t let them help me it would become worse and in some time ahead I wouldn’t be able to walk again. I said we’ll see what future will bring.

For my stomach ulcer he gave me a prescription that should “heal” the disease within 10 days. If not I had to come back. The medication really helped within 10 days. But the cause was still in my body, so the disease came back.

How to learn..

Listen to your body

What you need at this point is knowledge. It ‘s all about the right or wrong food that people, like you, consume in a life time. Your life time!

Listen to your body
Food, the best cure for you and your family

How to learn to know yourself

But let me first highlight some of the important aspects in this health issue.

You can achieve a balanced, healthy body through persistence and a strong will to win the battle of life through exercises and balanced food and you will gain what you want, which is a good health. And besides that a good figure.

Health is always actual, it never expires. There is no second have to keep your health up to date. Day by day if you want to..

  • live well and prosper
  • stay positively strong
  • keep your life in balance
  • always stay happy and healthy
  • grow old but feel young
I love life

How to…

Get this. Thinking back in time. It was more than 25 years ago when I saw a doctor for the last time. And more years ago I had a German shepherd. 

Every pet lover knows that every now and then his pet gets sick and they run to a pet clinic. They want the best for their family member right? Their love is so intens, you don’t want to miss them for the world.

So was my “Astra”, that was the name of my German shepherd, she got an anal inflammation. And as you can guess I went to a pet doctor. The doctor gave me antibiotic medicines and it should help within 5 days. If not I could come back with Astra. I paid the money for the prescription and a week later I was back at the doctors practice. She gave me more medicines.

And a week after that I was again back there and Paid the fee for a third time.

That time I thought, “enough is enough”! I’ll go look for  alternative ways. And I started searching for natural herbs and other resources. I actually found the remedy for her health within a couple of days.

Find out..

Food, the best cure for you and your family.

I started treating my Astra with the herbs according to the prescription and..You won’t believe it but I tell you. In 1 week I got my dear friend Astra healed, she was healthy and the disease never came back again.

I could enjoy the love of my friend for 14 years and it hurt me like hell the day that I had to say farewell.

Since that day I listen to my body, take care of my own health and I have helped other people get back on the right track.

Listen to your body
Joseph Semba, greatfully humble

How to learn to know yourself

Here’s the deal!

Listen to your body” is a life saving system that’s made for you, for everybody, young and old, male and female.

You can’t start young enough. But even at old age you can reverse your bad health into a balanced state.

You don’t need to say that you put your life in God’s hands. No, He wants you to take GOOD CARE of your body! Take that from me.

Food, the best cure

If you love your body and you nourish it, He will help you to find better, profitable ways to withstand the outside bad world. And believe me..the world out there is real bad!

He wants you to grow old in good condition and not die because of some “incurable disease”. But it’s your choice whether to take a turn left or right!

Healthy body
Me and my love in our beautiful home

How to learn to ….

Food, the best cure for you and your family

Dare to challenge yourself to make your life better?

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and think back in have I become like this..? Are you proud of that? Proud of yourself?

Learn to know yourself
Fat belly

The only thing that you can do is say..

Stop right here!

Listen to your body
Determined to achieve future goals.

You’ve come to a point that there’s NO TURNING BACK…a point where you can choose whether to go left or right .. for the sake of your health…

…last chance!

Take the challenge! Push yourself to the limit..the opportunities are there right in front of you.

How to learn to..

Listen to your body

Learn to know yourself

    Food for a healthy body

Learn to know yourself
Me and my wife. Here I weighed over 80 k. Some 18 years ago
Learn to know yourself
Here I weighed 69 k. Lost 14 k. Note that my wife also lost about 10 k.

Knowing yourself=knowing your body


Now you must know that I have been busy for the past 40 years researching the human body concerning all kinds of health problems that can occur.

Learn to know yourself

My book Listen to your body” explains step by step what you can do to cure yourself from any disease and how to protect yourself against anything that can harm your beautiful and sacred temple (which is your body). 

Even a simple flu won’t affect your health.

That’s a promise! Simply follow the guidelines in my book “Listen to your body.

I can imagine you thinking what happened 20 years ago after I visited the doctor and he said that I should be hospitalized. Well I can assure you that I never went back again to him.

And believe it or not but now  I can run, jump rope, stretch my legs and I do martial arts since 15 years and I am so glad that I didn’t listen to the doctor. But instead I listened to my body and I feel awesome! I never felt better!

I’ll never go visit any physician again in my whole entire life, because I lost faith in this medical world. I take care of my own health. I am the captain and I’m in control of my ship.

You must make your own choices

How to learn to know yourself

The quality of your health and your overall life will skyrocket beyond expectations. Your environment will respect you for your achievements and your family will love you endlessly.  Isn’t that what you want?

The feelings that you will get because of your persistency are guaranties for your own prosperity and your desire for more will grow.

Learn to lose weight without having to follow any diet.

Yes you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. Simply follow the guidelines in my book. And NEVER GIVE UP!

Some people I know

There is a friend of mine, a woman who I respect a lot, who’s in the prime of her life, who had a brain tumor. The doctors told her they could not help her anymore because the tumor was in an advanced stage.

They had given up hope and told her she would probably live one more year, for the maximum, and then she’d have to go to her Creator.

I’m telling you, this woman went in and out hospitals for the past years. When the doctors told her this bad news she just went mad and turned crying to the One above: “ Is this it?!”

She started listening to her body and concluded that it was time for a major change in her life and that she would do things which were important to her and not anyone else.

She stopped taking medicins with side effects and balanced her body through Tai Chi, which she recently started.

After 2 months her headache was almost gone and she could walk normally. Note that she was always dizzy in the past 12 months and that because of this she wasn’t able to walk normally.

In her own words: You must love yourself if you want to achieve this particular goal in your life.

An other nice woman

Another woman I know was suffering from pain caused by osteoarthritis, and therefor she couldn’t move her arms and feet without pain. She suffered from cartilage wear.

She had this for the past 10 years, she told me. Her doctor gave her diclofenac to reduce inflammation with the message that she should try to live with it.

I said stop this medication! This is pure poison for your body. For heavens sake if you want to live longer stop taking these pills.

I said start listening to your body immediately and start fighting. But be patient and persevering. I told her she should lose weight and then follow my guidelines.

Half a year later she was so happy that she could live again with less pain and thanked God for this reversal.

I said you still have a long way to go. I know she said but I will win! That’s my girl I said and I was proud of her.

At this moment we are 4 years later and she has no more pain, she can do everything and she can play with her grandchildren and she is so grateful for her life that she started helping other misfortunate people to gain a healthier body with much more energy.

The greatest love of all is learning to love yourself

Learn to know yourself
Me and my love in Dubai

How to learn to know yourself

In my book “Listen to your body” I will reveal the secrets of the  human spirit or what the power of the mind can do. It’s no witchcraft  or black magic. It’s real and everybody has it, more or less.

Listen to your body

You’ll learn about the power of positive thinking and the power of love. It’s awesome what you can do to yourself, for yourself, with yourself. And thereby you will learn  how to easily balance body and mind through willpower and perseverance.

Life will have more meaning and you will have more appreciation for events and possibilities that come up. There by you will be grateful for what you have achieved and you will want to grow more in life. Your life! And your self esteem will have a boost like you’d never thought it could have.

Remember I said you wouldn’t need any diet? Do you know why there are so many different diets?

Big pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to lose weight! They want you to stay fat so that they can  sell you even more diets.

And they’re expensive too, because if any diet would help they soon wouldn’t sell any more diets so they wouldn’t be able to make more money. True or false?

You’d better spend your money on good food which nourishes your body to keep it in good condition and in good health!


How to…….

There has never been a more revolutionary book than “Listen to your bodybefore, that’s been telling  you  the truth  about  your inner life and the awesome power of it. Meaning the power of your own will and what you can do  with  it  and  when  you  want  to do it.

The medical science is spending billions of dollars each year on research to enhance medicines for all kinds of diseases. This science is also responsible for the  premature  death  of  millions  of  people around the world only because of  the  money  this  science  wants for its own purposes.

When I put an end to somebody’s life I go behind bars for many years. They ‘re killing millions “legally” and always get away with it! Is that fair?

They don’t care if a person, let’s say you, is 10 or 30 or 60 years of age. When you become ill and you visit a doctor for treatment,  you will become just another number, another experiment for their research.

Learn to know yourself

Sight seeing in Rayong, Thailand

I could ask a price of $ 157.00, it’s really worth it, so people said. But I don’t do that. I want to help you boost your own health, your immune system..that’s why I give you  your  copy  of  “Listen to your bodyfor the fee of…

No $157.00 no $ 97.00

$ 49.95

and the quality of your life, your health, which should be respected with great honor, will raise to the top.

Do you think $ 37.00 is expensive? Then think about the hospital bills that you have to pay when you’re stuck into some disease. A disease of which the doctors will say: “You have to learn to live with it.” They say such things because they have no cure for it.

The best way how to learn to know yourself

The best medicines they have will not cure you!

They will only worsen your situation! And even the side effects of those meds can shorten your life.

And you’ll get my personal support if you may encounter something on your life path or something may block your road to health. 

Just ask for help and I’ll be there for you..that’s my promise

Because Mother Earth provides us with so much natural resources which are far more better than regular medicines.


Resources which come from the Almighty Hand above, which He has given us out of His Divine Love.

With no side effects at all!

And He says that we people should love our selves in order to feel His love

Love your body in the first place, listen to it and you’ll know how to nourish it and to take care of it. This is no mumbo jumbo I assure you it is bloody serious!

It’s the Universe, which I believe in and trust, Who gave me this task in my life to inform you and your loved ones about how to spend your money for health’s sake, for your sake.

Order my book “Listen to your body and you’ll know the right ways to spend your money for your benefit. And doing so you will grow strong and old without worries, without suffering, without pain, without sickness.

In order to read Listen to your bodyyou need Adobe Acrobat.

The download will start soon after payment. Simply click on the button  below.

$ 37.00 is really a bargain in exchange for your balanced body, which is your shield against all viruses.

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