Tai Chi Yang Style

Tai Chi Yang Style.

Tai Chi Yang

This form of Tai Chi is about balancing body and mind through breathing and focusing on the here and now. Letting go of everything that disturbs the peace of mind gives the practitioner unknown resources of energy. Breathing deep in the belly (Dan Tien) and relaxing all of the muscles gives him an awe fullĀ  power release.

Inhaling is gathering energy; exhaling is releasing the energy. This can be used if necessary in combat. The practitioner will provide him/her self with a sound health and a strong body which can give him/her longevity.


Tai Yang style


4 thoughts on “Tai Chi Yang Style”

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    1. Hi, what Qigong and Tai Chi does to me is really awesome. I feel energy in all aspects and the balance I have through energy exercises is not to compare. And I’ve never been ill anymore for years thanks to this balance. This ancient art is really it!
      Thanks for your comment.


    1. Thanks for your comment and appreciation. Qigong and Tai Chi are really beneficial for the body. Through exercises you won’t need a doctor anymore because the body is in balance and thus healthy.


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