Kettlebell Evolution Fat Loss system

Kettlebell Evolution Fat Loss system

Kettlebell fat loss.

Kettlebell fat loss

The TRUTH IS THAT to go beyond your current level of fat loss, you MUST forget about common and popular “go until you puke” training methods and workouts and use a smarter, more efficient and simpler way to get the body you deserve.

Hi, My Name is Chris Lopez

and as a personal trainer, strength coach and kettlebell instructor (RKC Level 2, SFG Level 2) I’ve dedicated over 15 years of my life helping busy, frustrated men & women just like you get in shape and drop ugly body fat with minimal time commitment.

Using the MxT Method of training – I’ve managed to stay fit and in single-digit-body-fat year round by training at home using just a single kettlebell and my own bodyweight.

Mastering the MxT method is a simple process that you just need to practice and learn.

Once you learn the MxT Method – The Secret to Advanced Fat Loss – you can take the simplest of exercises, and turn them into an incinerating, metabolically demanding challenge that will have you gaining strength and incidentally burning fat all day long.

You can now apply THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO ADVANCED FAT LOSS to the most versatile (and cost effective) home gym available in the world today – a kettlebell.

MxT = The Single Most Important Factor = ADVANCED FAT LOSS

The truth is that 99% of fat loss programs like the one I mentioned above DO NOT WORK because they fail to address the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR …

..determining whether you remain feeling frustrated, defeated and downright angry OR if you finally – once and for all – drop that spill-over-your-belt gut…

STRENGTH is a skill…

That’s right, STRENGTH is a skill that needs to be practiced and it’s probably the limiting factor that is preventing you from having the body of an athlete.

So if you want to learn about this Kettlebell fat loss system…klick below and procede …

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