The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual is the most trusted and comprehensive vertical jump training solution available.

The jump manual. There are 9 aspects involved in maximizing your vertical jump.

When you increase all of these qualities then there will be a synergistic effect creating maximum explosion.

Jump manual

Muscle gains do NOT happen during training.

Muscle gains are INITIATED during a training session, however, the actual gains in strength take place during proper recovery…

Prevent injury and increase performance during your workouts…
I’ll show you exactly how to avoid that.
I hope you understand that this is VERY important!
Many athletes don’t realize that they have  muscles that they don’t use when they jump.
And  that will cause “resistance” and will decrease the ability to jump.
It’s the will power and perseverance that they need to gain the awesome strength in their legs.
The importance of tracking progress cannot be overstated… Any athlete who is serious about reaching their potential MUST be tracking their workout and athletic development…
Most coaches and trainers are not the experts they preytend to be.
And discipline is not, never was and never will be easy to come by.
It’s your own responsibility to understand proper training. No one can do it for you!
It will take commitment, sweat and tears, perseverance and pain.
But in the end the reward, your own reward, will be outstanding great.
The jump manual is about:

strength, quickness, explosion.

You always have to push yourself to the max. Work smarter and harder!
There are nine variables to vertical jump training. Each contributes to upward explosion and/or momentum.
An effective program will target each facet for greater and faster results.
Correct nutrition will maximize muscle gain and help prevent injuries.
Stop training incorrectly and start improving your vertical.
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