30 days to a high school body

High school body. Hi guys, what’s up?

I have here something new for you..I can recommend it because each and every one of you have once been a student right?

It’s a program that’s written by dr. Kareem Samhouri.

Dr Kareem and Karen

High school body

High school body

Read carefully. Because you can reverse the  process of gaining fat regardless of age or body type. In fact, it’s completely possible to regain the youthful metabolism that you had in high school.

Strategically exercise  to burn fat HOURS and even DAYS after your workout. That’s right, you’ll be burning fat even when you’re NOT DOING ANYTHING.

The junk food industry has made us addicted to carbs and sugars, which has left our bodies sick and overweight. That’s a fact! 
Just stick to the refrigerated fresh, whole foods.

There are ways for your mind to communicate with your body to literally TARGET FAT LOSS. If you don’t use your mind in this way, instead of fat loss you’ll just get fatigue and hormone destabilization.

30 days from now your friends and family could be saying how FIT and HEALTHY you look and how EASY you make it seem. Dr. Kareem has devoted his life to helping people achieve their hopes. But the choice is up to you.

You’ve got to take a look at his program and go back in years if you want to gain your health.

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