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If you want to contact us, do so  at all times. We are open and ready for just about everything if it concerns my website:












Here I weigh 69 k. I lost 14 k. Note that my wife also lost about 10 k.

                                     Me and my wife                         Listen to your body


We are settled in Thailand for two years now. We immigrated here from the Netherlands where we had our business. We’re working now from home and living day by day.

If you have questions you can contact us on or call 066811598515/066988071851

You can also visit our blog at:  and leave a comment if you like. I welcome every comment and I will answer them.

Our home address is: 132/29 HMU 9. Sattahip. Chonburi. 20180 Thailand. is where you want to be.

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