Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Warrior Zero Bodyweight Challenge

Challenge. Disabled Marine Shows Men Over 40 How To Eliminate
Weakness And Build Combat Ready Conditioning At Any Age…

If you want to strip off excess body fat and build impressive levels of endurance while rewiring your muscles with the kind of primal power and control that repairs joints and prevents injury…

And how you can do it too, without any fancy equipment, and in less time than you might imagine.


Helder Gomes, USMC
Service-Connected Disabled
Veteran turned Top International
Combatives Instructor


How Does A Washed Up Soldier Who
Can’t Dress Himself Without Debilitating Pain,
Go On To Become Trusted Fitness Instructor To
Professional Warriors Whose Conditioning Is
The Difference Between Life And Death?

See, when your body starts falling apart you’re slower to get going in the morning… fighting more aches and pains throughout the day… setbacks come more frequently, and motivation to exercise gets harder and harder to come by.

Worst part is, this screws with your hormones, eating away at lean muscle mass, and packing fat around your midsection and sag around your chest.

No Wonder So Many Guys
Turn Into Women As They Age!

(and not by their own choice)

Challenge your self

STOP Training Like An Average
Fitness Joe And… START Training Like
A Precision Fitness Operator

You can think of it like the difference between hammering the gas for more acceleration, and fine-tuning your engine for greater horsepower.

This Precision Fitness Operator
System Gets You More Out Of Every
Workout… With Less Reps

Most fitness gurus think it’s the WORST exercise in the world. Yet recent research confirms it may be the single most effective exercise to increase life expectancy.

You’ll know, in real time, whether or not you’re ready to “level up” or whether or not you’ve got a little more work to do before pushing your body beyond its limits and out into the danger zone.

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