The Beta switch

The Beta switch

The Beta switch. Women are dealing with an unfair genetic hand that makes shedding the difficult fat on your thighs, bum and even your upper arms almost impossible.

However: You CAN reverse this metabolic process and reshape even your most stubborn body parts!

And it has nothing to do with expensive pills or potions…

The Beta switch

If you exercise, you risk making it even harder to lose stubborn fat.

And the wrong kind of exercise flips your cellular switches to “fat-trapping” mode – locking fat in your stubborn fat deposits.

But the right kind of short, efficient exercise session will flip your switches to “fat-releasing” mode, especially on your trouble spots…

While strict dieting will “steal” fat from certain parts  and transfer it to your most difficult fat zones –

the areas where you most desperately want to lose it!

In fact, indulging in your favorite foods – and even “cheating” on your diet – will actually make it easier to release trapped fat..

from your thighs, hips, bum and even the backs of your arms…

This special report is only for women who struggle with the kind of hard to lose stubborn fat, by strict dieting or extreme exercise.

Popular Female Diets Are TOO STRICT,and Trap Fat In Your Trouble Spots

The Beta switch

It’s a system that works with YOUR body, right at the cellular level.

And now thousands of regular women around the world are using the same system to achieve the body they desire and deserve…

Also researchers have discovered that women have 9 times more Alpha receptors than Beta receptors in their lower body fat…

That means for every Beta receptor that’s devoted to releasing unattractive fat, there are 9 Alpha receptors doing their best to make sure you store more fat.

And this is the main reason why stubborn lower body fat has never been your fault…

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