About us

About us.


Here I weigh 69 k. I lost 14 k. Note that my wife also lost about 10 k.
Me and my wife

This is us. This photo is taken a few years ago when we started building our house in Thailand. It’s finished now and we’re living in our home day by day.

I grew up in the Netherlands where I’ve lived and worked until I was 58. My wife and I happened to know each other 22 years ago of which we’re married 21 years. As you all figured out now my wife is a beautiful Thai woman.

We work every day a little just to keep ourselves busy because we don’t want to get lazy. There’s still a lot of work to do in and around the house. But like I said, we take it easy and we do one thing at a time.

Basically we don’t have to do anything and according to the Thai laws I’m not allowed to do work that a Thai can do. So I’m just “working” on my site, www.listentybody.com. ¬†

My book: “Listen to your body”, is meant to be for everybody on this beautiful planet called Earth. Old, young, male, female, no restrictions. You’ll know what I mean after you’ve read my book. It’s the first in a row and I’m going to write more. And of course I’m going to write about health, my specialty.

Hope you all get healthy.


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